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My mission is to eliminate the stigma around the disease of addiction, as well as mental health ailments, all while providing raw and authentic content that others can relate to. I truly believe that we are stronger together, and stronger when we share our experiences with others. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for those who have graciously shown me their love, wisdom, care and compassion.

I have never chosen the conventional route through life, and I have never felt like I've fit in with "normal" human expectations or timelines. I was raised in a conventional household in the midwest by a wonderful family. I had everything at my disposal to fit the standard of normalcy. However, I never found myself feeling inclined to do what society told me I needed to do. Instead, I marched to the beat of my own drum. I wouldn't consider myself to have been an extremely rebellious adolescent, because I was much more of a conformist, but I was always trying to find  an alternate route through life.

I used to attach so much shame and guilt for wanting to do things a different way than I was told to. Now, I'm learning to be grateful and appreciative, for not only my experiences, but for my unconventional nature. Rather than attempting to "fix" myself anymore, I'm learning to coincide with how I operate and using the alternate routes I take to my advantage.


I am here to normalize unconventionality - to make it known that it's completely okay to do what's right for YOUR journey. We are here to find conventionality, unconventionally. 

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