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An unconventional journey to discovering your path

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Hi, my name is Audra and welcome to Girl, Unconventional! As someone who’s taken the unconventional route through life, I’m here to share my woes, reality, gratitude and personal journey through recovery. For years, I struggled immensely with alcohol. Being in my early 20’s made it hard for me to understand that even though it was common to binge drink, I had a serious problem. At 22, I first sought help and became sober, then I eventually found my way to where I am now. My alcohol-free date is 6/24/20 and I am so grateful for what a life without drinking has led me to. Although not always easy, it is worth everything to me.
On my website you can find all things related to recovery, mental health, self-help, and more exciting content. I am not a medical professional or mental health professional and what I state here is being shared based upon my journey and experiences. ♡


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